XTERRA TRIATHLON: 2-week Race (4)

This is our 2 week plan to taper and race your XTERRA "A" race. This program is designed to follow our 7-week Race Prep program, but you can easily jump into this program your base and build training leading into your event. ---RACE PHASE: 2 weeks, designed for the intermediate to advanced XTERRA athlete that has finished all of their race specific training and are ready to recover, taper and peak for their goal race. Program includes key combo sessions to sharpen you up for race day while unloading all stress accumulated in the previous weeks/months of build up to this point. Race week sessions include the final tune-up sessions to bring you to the start line fit, fresh and fast! ---INCLUDED with your training plan purchase is the ability to email me with questions as you follow my plan: info@sessions6.com. Good luck and have fun! ---DETAILS: -Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced (program adjustable in both volume and intensity) -Number of Weeks: 2 (3 recovery/taper, 1 race week) -Training Days per Week: 4-6 (written for 6 days, but can be consolidated to as few as 4) -Training Hours per Week: 6-12+ (adjustable depending on your preference of aerobic volume) -Equipment Needed: pool, open water (if available), HRM, power meter is preferred.

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