XTERRA TRIATHLON: 25-week Complete Program (1-4) SAVE 20%

----BASE PREP: 6-week Base Prep block is designed for the triathlete coming off a short rest/recovery period following their last "A priority" event. Base Prep is the first phase of training leading to your next A-priority event of the new year. Base Prep empahsizes improvements in technique, general strength, and the beginnings of aerobic base building. Specific workouts are included for swim, bike, run and weight training (runs/rides can be done either/or road or trail). Workouts are progressive in all four training modalities. Weekly hours range from 9-12+ hours with room for adjustments for more or fewer hours to fit your needs. This plan is written as 6 weeks of training, however you can easily extend this plan for more weeks of transitional training before embarking on your more concentrated base training phase. ----BASE: 9 weeks, designed for the intermediate to advanced XTERRA athlete looking to improve their swim-bike-run fitness over the "non-competitive" part of the season (commonly referred to as the "off-season"). The programming includes our highly successful swim strength development progression of pool workouts, our 12-session Stationary Trainer Series set of indoor bike training sessions, and our run fitness development progression. The workouts are designed to improve your complete triathlon ability for XTERRA racing. The 9-week program begins with strength development, then progresses to build aerobic endurance before adding in intervals at and above your lactate threshold. Included is a very detailed desciption of the equipment you'll need, target training zones, intervals and session layout. There are two sessions for each sport programmed for each week, with an additional third session in each sport each week included as "optional" if it fits with your training volume goals. A progressive strength program is also included, twice per week for maximum training gains. ----RACE PREP: 7 weeks, designed for the intermediate to advanced XTERRA athlete ramping up their swim-bike-run fitness for their upcoming goal event(s). The training sessions incorporate a Vo2 max and Threshold training emphasis while maintaining the strength & endurance from the base phase, and including easy recovery sessions to allow for adequate rest and absorption of training intensity. ----RACE: 2 weeks, designed for the intermediate to advanced XTERRA athlete that has finished all of their race specific training and are ready to recover, taper and peak for their goal race. Program includes key combo sessions to sharpen you up for race day while unloading all stress accumulated in the previous weeks/months of build up to this point. Race week sessions include the final tune-up sessions to bring you to the start line fit, fresh and fast! ---INCLUDED with your training plan purchase is the ability to email me with questions as you follow my plan: info@sessions6.com. Good luck and have fun! ---DETAILS: -Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced (program adjustable in both volume and intensity) -Number of Weeks: 24 (6 Race Prep, 10 Base, 7 Race Prep, 2 Race) -Training Days per Week: 5-7 (written for 7 days, but can be consolidated to as few as 5) -Training Hours per Week: 8-15+ (adjustable depending on your preference of aerobic volume) -Equipment Needed: pool, weights, HRM, power meter is preferred.

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