Xterra Triathlon Training Plan (Beg/Int) - By TrainingBible Coaching Elite Coach Ryan Riell

This plan is developed for the athlete who has either not completed a triathlon or has completed one and is looking to improve their performance, and is looking for a basic program designed to comfortably finish an Xterra Off Road Triathlon and/or improve their performance at this distance. The plan is 12 weeks in duration, utilizing Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and Heart Rate (HR). The plan consists of 1-2 workouts per week in each sport with 2 (optional) strength training sessions. The total volume is between 5-12 hours a week. The athlete should be able to swim 500 yards (sprint), bike for 1-2 hour in one session and run/walk for 30 minutes in one session. It is NOT essential that the triathlete be able to match these distance, but it is encouraged.

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