Your First Marathon - 3 to 5 hrs goal - 21 wks - 3-10 hrs/wk

This 21-week plan is specifically designed for runners who are about to take on the marathon, with a goal time in the 3 to 5 hour range.

This plan entails training 6 days a week, at 3-10 hours per week. The plan is great for athletes with a HR monitor, but also those without.

The plan follows a Linear Periodization model which will stress athletes, with recovery periods to allow for proper recovery and adaptation. If athletes follow the workouts as listed and suggested, they will see the benefit of performing at your big race! If athletes modify the plan, and do not follow the guidelines of the daily workouts, the results may vary.

This plan also includes cross training, to help keep athletes healthy and performing well throughout the entire 21 weeks.

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