Your First Race : Time Trial

One rider against the clock, the race of truth, contre la montre (against the clock)—whatever you call them, time trials are the races that define the best of the best in cycling. Riders start off one at a time and compete against the clock to post the fastest time on courses ranging from a few kilometers to over 60km in length. There is no drafting is allowed, so riders times are defined by their ability, pacing and mental strength.The truth in this race of truth is that winning requires the ability to stay focused despite all the pain in your body, the variations of the course, or concerns over your competitors. You must learn to ignore the voice that tells you to slow down, stop, you can’t do this and keep pedaling as fluidly, quickly, and powerfully as possible. This Bicycling magazine, Hunter Allen Time Trial training plan will help you get ready! Let me introduce myself, Hunter Allen, your coach! I have raced in hundreds of TT races as an amateur and a pro, and coached even more athletes to successful TT races. This plan is for the road cyclist that wants to do a TT race and has between 7-12 hours a week to train. This is a beginner/intermediate plan and the workouts are difficult, challenging and fun and for certain will make sure you are ready. My 4 week TT training plan will prepare you ride in the pack, handle the speed and be ready to win! Make sure you following each days training, don't give up. This plan is hard but will make you faster!To complete this plan you should have 4-6 weeks of "base" training totaling at least 500 miles of riding to ensure you are ready to complete this plan. The plan consists of workouts at various effort levels. It offers wattage, heart rate, and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) options so you can gauge yours effort whether you use a power meter, an HR monitor, or prefer to work out by feel. Before you start the plan, I suggest you take a quick look at the attached document “Effort Guidelines,” which describes the different training zones. (To download it, click the paper clip in the upper right corner.) Whichever zones you use, these guidelines will help you easily and quickly understand how hard you should be working during a given session. Also attached here are “Workout Guidelines” to help you grasp key training terms.If you plan on PRINTING this plan, make sure you print it with HIDE "Exercises and Intervals" checked. That way you will just read the description of the workouts. I have attached a screenshot to help you under the paper clip in the upper right hand corner of this box. There is only 1 workout per day, so don't let the 'structured' exercises and intervals confuse you if you see them. As part of this plan I recommend stretching and light yoga as a recovery tool and I would recommend purchasing my cycling specific yoga video from: I know you are going to do awesome!!! Go for it! Hunter

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