Zero to Hero: 5K Beginner Training Plan

Zero to Hero beginner 5K training plan Become your own running hero with the help of WhittleFit's beginner 5K training plan. Who's it for? The Zero to Hero 5K training plan is for new runners and people who entering their very first 5K. The aim is to get you to your goal with a clearly structured plan which avoids over training and injury. Over 10 weeks, we'll build you up from your starting point to the incredible achievement of running a 10K race. It'll be safe, structured, and just the right balance of challenging and achievable. Is it for you? Are you a new or novice runner? Is this going to be your first 5K race or event? Do you want to run the entire 5K? Are you looking for the peace of mind and confidence of a training plan designed by an endurance coach? Then - yes - it's for you! What's involved? Because this plan is aimed at novices and beginners, it progresses gradually to ensure you achieve your goal without injury or over training. The plan lasts for 10 weeks and builds progressively, starting with a combination of walking and running, and finishing with you being able to run 5K! The plan starts with "baby steps" and progresses through "build phase" and "endurance", making sure to include "recovery" phases. Those critical weeks of "peaking" and "race week" are fully covered, too. Not only that but you'll be guided through the best kit for your 5K, and even given useful nutritional advice to help you reach your goals.

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