ZOOMA 10-Week 5K Plan

BEST FOR: Somebody tackling a 5K, and most likely a running race, for the first time. Or someone coming back from injury or resuming running post-pregnancy.

PHYSICAL PRE-REQS: Women ready for this challenge should be comfortable exercising moderately for a half-hour. No need to be able to run steadily for more than 2 minutes at a time, as walking is mixed with running for the first 9 weeks of this 10-week plan. Any and all paces welcome!

PLAN OVERVIEW: This 10-week plan is designed to get you across a 5K finish line with a smile on your face and your head held (proudly) high. The program has you walk/running three or four days per week, cross-training (your choice of activity!) once or twice, and resting one or two days/week. All workouts are 40 minutes or less and are fairly low on the sweat-scale, so you can even fit them in during lunch hour.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Recognizing that women, especially mother runners, have extra-full lives, we built a "bail if needed" day into each week. In an ideal world, you'll be so stoked from seeing your near-daily improvement you won't miss many workouts, but in the real world, we know sometimes something has to give. The "bail" day is the workout you should nix if you need to. Conversely, each week there's a "Gotta get it done" workout: This is the workout that's most vital to getting you to your starting line raring to go.

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