Michael Valgren
Team Tinkoff
Data from SRM

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  • Valgren's Peak Power Values for 1 Minute and under were all set very early in the stage while the break of the day was trying to be established. His Peak 1 Minute Power was 504W, or 6.96W/kg and came just 25km into the stage. 
  • Before the big climbs of the day, Valgren rode for three and a half hours at a Normalized Power® (NP®) of 263W and 39.1kph (24.2mph)
  • Valgren's Peak 1 Hour Power came while ascending the Category 3 Col de Neronne and Category 2 Pas de Peyrol. He put out 292W, or 4.03W/kg and gained 912m (3,009ft.)
  • This was not an easy day in the saddle as Valgren had an Intensity Factor® (IF®) of .69 and Training Stress Score® (TSS®) of 298. The ride was relatively smooth however, as his Variability Index (VI) was 1.21. 
  • Riding just over six hours, Valgren put out 3.08W/kg and expended 5015 calories.