Luke Durbridge
Team Orica-BikeExchange
Data from SRM

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  • Interestingly, many of Durbridge's peak power values were set at very different parts of the stage.
  • Just 5km into the stage, Durbridge set his Peak 2 and 5 Minute Power values. He put out 417W, or 5.31W/kg for 2 minutes, and 399W, or 5.08W/kg for 5 minutes. 
  • Near the 70km mark, Durbridge set his Peak 20 Minute Power of 279W, or 3.55W/kg climbing the Cat. 3 Cote d'Aubin. 
  • On the final climb of the day, the Cat. 3 Cote de Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, nearly 150km and over four hours into the stage, Durbridge set his Peak 6 Minute Power of 394W, or 5.02W/kg.
  • His Peak 30 and 60 Minute Power were both set in the final parts of the stage. His Peak 30 Minute Power was 274W, or 3.49W/kg, while his Peak 60 Minute Power was 255W, or 3.25W/kg.