Michael Valgren
Team Tinkoff
Data from SRM

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  • All of Valgren's Peak Power values longer than two minutes included the Hors Category climb of the Col du Tourmalet. His Peak 20 Minute Power was 373W, or 5.15W/kg and he averaged 21.5kph, or 13.3mph and 90rpm.
  • On the final climb of the day, the Category 1 Col Peyresourde, Valgren averaged 273W, or 3.77W/kg for 32 minutes and 75rpm.
  • Over the full stage, Valgren averaged 259W, or 3.56W/kg and burned 5010 calories.
  • An indication of how hard the stage was, Valgren had an Intensity Factor® (IF®) of .76 and Training Stress Score® (TSS®) of 310.