Michael Valgren
Team Tinkoff
Data from SRM

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  • Despite 3 Category 1 climbs and Hors Category climb at the end, Stage 9 was hard from the start. Valgren set his Peak One Hour Power in the first hour, averaging 309W, or 4.27W/kg while ascending the Category 1 Port de la Bonaigua, the first Category 1 Climb of the stage.
  • One the day's second Category 1 climb, the 20km long Port del Canto, Valgren averaged 276W, or 3.81W/kg.
  • His Peak 90 Minute Power was set between kilometer 118 and 159, which included Category 2 climb up the Cote de la Comella and the third Category 1 climb, the Col de Beixalis. He averaged 258W, or 3.56W/kg and burned 1394 calories during this period.
  • Amazingly, Valgren was still able to average 292W, or 4.03W/kg ascending the 10km long Hors Category climb to the finish. He averaged 16.3kph (10mph) for nearly 40 minutes. 
  • Over the full stage, Valgren averaged 235W, or 3.23W/kg, burned 4845 calories, and hit a top speed of 97.2kph (60mph).