Luke Durbridge
Team Orica-BikeExchange
Data from SRM

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  • When removing the warm-up and neutral zone, Durbridge averaged 309W, or 3.98W/kg and burned 5101 calories. 
  • The day started hard with Durbridge setting his Peak One Hour Power of 364W, or 4.64W/kg in the first hour while climbing the Category 1 Port d'Envalira. His Intensity Factor® (IF®) for that hour was .91, meaning he held 91% of his Functional Threshold Power (FTP) for that hour. 
  • Durbridge bridged up to a small breakaway to make an elite front group including team mates Michael Matthews and Daryl Impey. He spent 120km in the break and had a Normalized Power® (NP®) of 330W while averaging 45.2kph (28mph).
  • Near the end of the stage, Durbridge responded to an attack by Team Tinkoff rider Peter Sagan. To cover the attack, Durbridge put out his Peak 5 Second Power of 918W, or 11.7W/kg at 58.3kph (26mph).
  • Amazingly, from that attack onward, Durbridge put out his Peak 20 Minute Power of 398W, or 5.07W/kg and averaged 96rpm.
  • For the entire stage, Durbridge had a Training Stress Score® (TSS®) of 303 and an IF of .82.