Luke Durbridge
Team Orica-BikeExchange
Data from SRM

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  • Gusty winds made this stage very difficult. Durbridge was attentive all day and stayed at the front. As a result, his Peak Power values are spread throughout the stage.
  • His Peak 12 Second Power came on a slight downhill section where he averaged 898W, or 11.4W/kg only 30km into the stage. 
  • His Peak 2 Minute Power of 453W, or 5.77W/kg was set at the 90km mark and he averaged 46.4kph (28.7mph) and 91rpm.
  • In the middle of the stage, Durbridge set his Peak One Hour Speed of 48.6kph (30.1mph) while averaging 321W, or 4.09W/kg and burned 1158 calories.
  • This stage had an amazingly fast finish. In the final kilometers, Durbridge put out his Peak 10 Minute Power of 377W, or 4.80W/kg while averaging 53.1kph (32.9mph). 
  • When the warm-up and neutral roll out are cut from the file, Durbridge has an Intensity Factor® (IF®) of .81 and a Normalized Power® (NP®) of 339W.