Michael Valgren
Team Tinkoff
Data from SRM

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  • Valgren's Peak 20 Minute Power was set while climbing the Cote de Gordes and Col des Trois Termes. He averaged 352W, or 4.86W/kg at 25.5kph (15.8mph).
  • His Peak 5 Minute Power came on the final section climbing the Col des Trois Termes. He averaged 404W, or 5.58W/kg over 1.67km (1.03 miles) with an average gradient of 8.3%. 
  • For the final 9.5km climb on Mont Ventoux, Valgren averaged 276W, or 3.81W/kg for almost 45 minutes at an average speed of 12.6kph (7.8mph). 
  • Over the full stage minus the warm-up and neutral roll out, Valgren averaged 235W, or 3.23W/kg at 75rpm and burned 4155 calories.