Oscar Gatto
Team Tinkoff
Data from SRM

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  • At the start, Gatto was able to 377W, or 5.60W/kg up the 6.9k climb that averaged 4.9%
  • His Peak 20 Minute Power was set in the first 20 minutes where he averaged 365W, or 5.42W/kg at 31.9kph (19.7mph).
  • On the final 3.23km climb to the finish, Gatto had a Normalized Power® (NP®) of 350W for 7:33.
  • For the full time trial, Gatto had an Intensity Factor® (IF®) of .90 and NP of 346W. 
  • For the full 37.5km time trial, Gatto's Variability Index (VI) was 1.03, showing that he rode very evenly paced.