Michael Valgren
Team Tinkoff
Data from SRM

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  • Just 40km into the stage, Valgren set his Peak 20 Minute Power climbing the Category 1 Col de la Forclaz de Montmin. He averaged 357W, or 4.93W/kg while averaging 20.9kph (12.9mph).
  • 40km later, Valgren set his Peak One Hour Power while ascending the Hors Category Montee de Bisanne. He averaged 321W, or 4.43W/kg and gained 1206m (3956ft) of elevation.
  • On the final climb to the finish up the Category 1 Le Bettex, Valgren put out 306W, or 4.23W/kg for 36 minutes. 
  • Over the entire stage, Valgren averaged 245W, or 3.38W/kg, burned 4617 calories, and gained 3052m, (10,013ft.).