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Using WKO4 to Provide a Unique Style of Coaching

WKO4 opened the door for high-end data analysis previously only available to big-budget professional squads and national teams. Learn what it can do for your business and for your athletes.

Why the Teacher Should Become the Student
A Look at Planning by TSS with the New ATP
Benefits of the New TrainingPeaks Workout Builder
How WKO4 Helps Coaches Adjust Training Needs


Export Workouts, Import Fitness: The Benefits of Structured Workout Exports

The new structured workout export feature allows you to create individualized workouts custom-tailored to your physiology so you can reach your training and racing goals faster and easier than ever.

TrainingPeaks Feature Updates
TrainingPeaks Continues Longstanding Partnership with USA Triathlon
WKO4 Feature Updates
Introducing TrainingPeaks Workout Builder

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