Special Edition: Intermediate Training Plan for Runner's World Half-Marathon (12 Weeks)

This plan is designed for those who are training for the Runner's World Half-Marathon in Bethlehem on October 21. It is ideal for those who have been running consistently for several years and who regularly log an average of 20 to 30 miles per week. It’s geared for those who may have finished a half-marathon and now want to finish faster. It features two or three days of rest and four or five days of running each week. The plan features hill work to build your leg and lung strength, and to prepare you for the inclines and descents that you’ll face in the race. You’ll also do mile repeats to boost your stamina and plenty of half-marathon goal-pace miles to help you easily get into rhythm on race day. There’s a long run each week, which starts at seven miles in week one and peaks at 13 miles. The plan also includes notes about the Bethlehem course.

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